RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2019

Smart Meter Garden, Hampton Court 2019 Gold Medal & Best in Show

We were invited to join forces on this project by Belderbos Landscape and worked along with an outstanding team of experts to create this vision Matthew had for the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2019.

The brief was to create a barren soil, volcanic effect with flashing lights and smoke machines, creating awareness regarding climate change and the landscape we could find ourselves in if we don’t change our lifestyle.

The building process was coordinated between Water Artisans, Surrey Iron Craft and Moonlight Design to build the water feature and lighting effects. We run 800m of low voltage cable through the underground water tank and pump chamber leading to 25 drivers and controlled by a bespoke program.

We installed more than 130m of cool white, submersible LED strips, with an ultra high lumen output and programmed these to flash as the water rose and the smoke slowly came out from the cracks.

Some facts: we used 49 LED strips for 139m of strips, 18w/m, a total of 17,792 LED chips with a total output of 425,000 lumens.

Once the pond filled, the lights and smoke would stop to reveal the calm water and its reflection of the beautiful garden around it, symbolising the opportunity and strength that nature has to renew itself. The aim was also to allow the viewer to take a few moments of reflection and be provocative.

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Event lighting

Commercial design and install - Garden design by Matthew Childs