RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2019

Sanctuary Garden, Hampton Court 2019

The RHS Sanctuary Garden at Hampton Court 2019 was designed by Ula Maria, however, it was not up for judging. The garden was inspired by ideas of Hortus conclusus – a Latin term meaning ‘enclosed garden’ used to provide a hidden sanctuary to its owners. Designed to represent the journey towards the inner sanctum and provide a sheltered environment for meditation, contemplation and self-reflection.

This garden was focusing on simplicity and subtlety and that is why our lighting approach was only about enhancing the soft planting the garden designer chose and to work around the delicate colours, materials and textures.

The dainty shadows of Cornflowers, Ammi, Crown daisies, Stipa gigantea, etc. in the daylight were recreated at night by the low level lighting, with hidden light fittings between the planting, keeping the soft, calming and relaxing feel to the garden throughout the whole day.

The hardscape gave us the opportunity to create a soft, glowing effect by placing lighting within the pillars of the arch structures and backlighting lower walls, whilst placing lights in front of taller walls created the lovely shadows while also illuminating the planting thus adding depth and movement.

The beautiful water feature bowl was a great opportunity for lighting as by illuminating the planting around it we were able to obtain lovely reflections on the reflective pool.

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Event lighting

Commercial lighting design and install - Garden design by Ula Maria