Oxshott, Surrey - 2017

This project was a lighting design and installation for the front and rear gardens.

The client was an existing customer who we had worked for in Dorking, Surrey on his previous property and he invited us to his new house in Oxshott. The gardens were being completely landscaped and we had a free-hand in the lighting design. However, the brief was for copper or bronze fittings discretely installed around both gardens. The clients love lighting but they do not want to see the fittings. The client wanted this lighting scheme switched by remote control and useable on his smartphone and tablet.

We designed the ducting plans for the builders who were landscaping the gardens which allowed them to carry out the groundwork without us getting in their way.

We installed Hunza pole spots to illuminate the trees and shrubs planted in the borders. For the trees in lawns, we used solid bronze Hunza lawn lights and Hunza ST50s for the larger trees.

The reclaimed fountain had Hunza pond lights installed into the base of the water feature however we also used Hunza pole spots to illuminate the two upper tiers.

The greenhouse is a feature in its own right so we designed soft lighting on the front and inside so that the client would appreciate the depth of the structure. If a glasshouse is lit from the outside only, it will look flat.

For the paths we used Hunza border lights which were installed in between shrubs. By placing these lights within the planting, the fittings are very discrete yet do a great job at softly illuminating the walkways with no glare.

The front garden lights are switched by an intelligent timer from dusk until dawn and are dimmed at 50%. We programmed the controls so that when the electric gates open the lights ramp up to 100% brightness for 10 minutes. The intensity of the lights can be overridden at any time by the smartphone/tablet app.

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