Private Gym, London - 2019

As part of our sponsorship deal with Triathletes Lucy and Reece Charles-Barclay, we designed and installed LED colour changing lighting throughout their private gym.  Their brief was to create something special for their gym where they spend the majority of their time when not competing. Around the edge of the boxing ring, Reece and Lucy have had large prints secured on the walls and as they use this space for filming we decided to also highlight some of these posters.

It is quite a large gym with a very small swimming pool, a full-size boxing ring, a static bike area, running machines, a rowing machine and an area for weights.

We decided to zone the gym so that Reece and Lucy could change the mood in each area to suit their training exercises, for instance, they often carry-out heat training sessions so red or orange light adds to the overall effect of creating a ‘hot’ environment.

The use of colour lighting is very important when setting a theme or intensity in training. Lucy and Reece use the colour blue to make them work harder as lighting ‘reduces’ their feeling of being ‘hot’.

The lights we used were from three manufacturers. All of the colour changing lights are made by Studio Due from Italy. The lights we used to highlight the posters around the edge of the boxing ring are made by Erco, these are framing projectors that allow us to just illuminate the posters and nothing else. The last lighting manufacturer we used was Hunza and these have been used to illuminate the corridor form the swimming pool to the main gym.

All of the lights are switched by DMX protocol which means each area can be separately switched with different colours (16 million) and different intensities.

Reece and Lucy have a digital colour wheel secured to the gym wall which displays each zone, colour combination scenes that we programmed plus any colour choice they require. They can also control the lights via an app on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

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