Ware, Hertfordshire 2019

This house has a large garden around each aspect and we were called in to uplight the front of the property and create a sense of depth and width by using lights.

There are quite a few large trees around the garden which meant we could light these and this would immediately offer height alongside making the garden fill wider and longer. We used recessed Hunza 12w ST50 fittings to illuminate the trees as these are discrete and can be mowed over without any damage to the light or mower. The warm white LEDs produce 1200lm of light which is ideal for large trees without having to use too much power.

As the house had mature established shrubs, we used Hunza pole spots to light the front of the house. Pole spots elevate the light in borders and these are ideal for heavily lanted and/or mature borders.

We were delighted to be asked to light the treehouse as it is an amazing structure.

To illuminate the treehouse we used small fittings made by LuxR. These are very discrete but cast enough light to enhance the structure with warm white light. We also used a Hinkley Carson 3 light chandelier to illuminate the first turret on the treehouse.

The lighting in the front garden is switched via remote control on an intelligent timer and via an app on a smartphone/tablet for the treehouse.

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