Galleywood, Essex - 2019

This project involved ripping out the old lighting system and starting again with a new design and installation.

The client had exterior lighting installed a few years before and the system had failed. The installation was poor with cables and junction boxes left on the soil surface which led to water ingress plus damage by gardeners and foxes.

Our brief was to start again with a particular interest in the entertainment space.

In the covered entertainment area, we used Davey lighting for the wall lights, these had to be attractive yet simple and effective. There was a need to be able to sit with their family and friends and be able to see each other comfortably. The wall lights were placed throughout the undercover area allowing the client to use the entire space.

Above the large wooden table, we used two LuxR M4 lights to cast a soft warm white light. Due to the position of the lights, they produce very little shadows which is ideal when eating.

For the outside of the structure, we replaced the old lights with Light Visual up and down wall lights. These were much smaller than the original lights so we had to have base plates made to hide the original holes from where the old lights were fixed.

The borders around the formal pond were illuminated by using Hunza adjustable spike spots to uplight the roses. We also used Hunza border lights to gently highlight the steps and paths around the pond.

Further down the garden, we illuminated the large tree close to the entrance by using a recess Hunza ST50. This not only added depth to the garden but added height to the lighting scheme.

The small summerhouse had originally been illuminated by a mains light fitting but this was corroded so we replaced it with a low voltage downlight so that we could create an inviting warm glow.

The lights are all switched via Light Symphony remote control via an app on the client’s smartphone and tablet. We also have a timer to switch the lights on and off, with the electric gates switching the lights on once the timer has switched the lights off (after 11 pm) so if someone arrives home after this time, the lights are on until the client enters his home.

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