Denham, Buckinghamshire - 2016

This project was split in two with the rear garden illuminated first.

The back garden had been redesigned and we were invited to design and install landscape lighting. As with all new landscape gardens where we install lighting, we design a ducting plan which allowed us to be able to get anywhere in the garden without disturbing the garden once the landscapers had finished.

The majority of the garden has been illuminated by using Hunza adjustable spike spots. These are discrete low-level fittings and are ideal for shrubs and small trees.

For the paths, we used Hunza border lights to allow the client to walk around his garden with ease and at the same time enjoy the lighting.

To illuminate the larger trees, we used Hunza ST50’s. These fittings are excellent at illuminating a large tree without using too much power.

The second stage of this project involved the long drive at the front of the property.

This was tricky as there were no ducts or cables along the drive and the existing electric gate supply could not be used. We produced a ducting plan and installed the ducts our selves also installing access pits which allowed us to pull cables over a long distance.

We illuminated every tree along the drive to create impact and a warm welcome to the clients family and friends. For the trees, we used Hunza lawn lights which are recessed lights allowing mowers to glide across the fittings without any obstruction.

The front and rear garden lights are switched by Light Symphony remote controls. The front drive lights are split in two, with the front section operated as the gates open and the second half is switched via a timer. The rear garden is switched by a handheld remote and also by an app on the client’s smartphone/tablet.

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