Abersoch, North Wales - 2016

We were called by the client after his desperation to get his exterior lighting working. The existing lighting was all mains-fed (230v) and whilst it was stainless steel, it wasn’t 316 marine grade and as he lives by the coast, it was rusting. The whole existing system was ripped out as it had water ingress throughout cabling and junction boxes.

This property is also rented out and therefore not only did the lighting need to be attractive,it also had to offer safety when using steps and paths.

As the garden had various levels we were conscious about glare so we used floor and step lights with asymmetric lenses to direct the light in the appropriate direction and keep glare away.

All of the light fittings installed are made from 316 marine grade stainless steel and chosen so that they are discrete and don’t dominate the landscape. We used 2700k warm white LEDs to accentuate the colour of the slate walls and wooden decking.

As with most of our projects, the lights are switched by remote control also using an app on an iPhone and iPad. This allows the client to switch the lights on when required and they can be dimmed if required.

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