Is our exterior lighting expensive?

The question of whether lighting is expensive depends on how you quantify ‘expensive’. Purely looking at the figures, if it’s a professional lighting design, the light fittings are quality and the installation is carried out correctly, it’s certainly not cheap. However, if you employ a cheaper company, what will it cost you long term?

There is no doubt about it, if you want cheap exterior lighting you can certainly get it however along with this you will probably get nuisance tripping, lights failing, water in the fittings, damage to cables from gardening/foxes and sadly, a complete waste of money.

Even if you are prepared to suffer this, the next issue will be not being able to get the electrician back to rectify the problems and if they do, they will blame the fittings, the gardeners, squirrels, foxes etc and charge you for the pleasure. 

There are so many lights available for exterior use, it’s difficult to know where to start, different brands, low voltage, mains supplied, LED bulbs, built-in LEDs, replaceable LEDS, black, stainless steel, copper etc. 

When we design and install a lighting scheme, we make the whole process seamless, everything is taken care of, however, it’s true that most of the money you spend, ends up not being seen. All the cables are buried, junction boxes and controls hidden plus the lights are barely seenThe time you really appreciate your hard-earned money is when the lights are switched on. 

However, the journey to a successful lighting system from Moonlight Design is more than just the quote, supplying the lights and the installation. The staff in the office to order the lights, materials such as cable, junction boxes etc. The vans needing fuel, servicing, congestion zones and parking. 

The qualified and experienced designers and electricians add massive value to a lighting scheme. The remote controls to switch your lights on your smartphone or tablet and not forgetting the electrical certificate that is typed up after the project which is sent to you and the local council. 

We don’t rush the installation; it takes as long as it takes so that the project is installed as carefully and discretely as possible. If the installation is carried out quickly, ask yourself what have they not done to make it so speedy? With exterior electrics and the wet weather, there is no room for cutting corners and if the electrician proudly announces the job was finished quickly, this is the time to worry. 

Installers that don’t send a detailed quotation, use lights with pre-wired plugs, shallow bury cables, don’t offer a guarantee, install mains lighting throughout the garden, do not offer any references and are not members of the NICEIC, then this is the time to consider what you are paying for. 

After all this, one of the most important things you will get with our lighting design and installation is confidence, peace of mind and a wonderful lighting display that will last for many, many years. 

We would love to design your lighting project and if you would like to discuss this further please contact us via the website, or email or 020 8925 8639.

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