Moonlight Design was born in 2003 and initially our aim was to design lighting schemes to illuminate beautiful gardens. This was well before the LED revolution and smartphone apps to control the lights.

After 18 years we have learnt a thing or two about lighting and along with this knowledge we have qualified designers and electricians to back this up. Our experience in exterior lighting is second to none, from the design to installation, we know how to create a stunning display and to make sure it lasts for many years.

Our exterior experience is perfectly balanced with our interior lighting. From lighting private residences to specialist colour changing lights in a gym, capable of producing 16 million colours.


Ideally, we make a visit to the property to understand what we are going to illuminate and how we will control the lights. If a site visit isn’t possible, we can work from plans for the interior and exterior. Alternatively, the client is welcome to visit our studio and discuss their ideas to make them reality.

Whether you have a house in London, the Outer Hebrides or a property abroad, we will happily travel to meet with you and plan out your ideal lighting scheme.

After we have taken notes, photographs and/or scoured a plan, we then start the process of producing mood boards (if requested by the client). The mood boards show the effects alongside the light fittings we recommend and are specific to the areas we are looking to illuminate.

Once we have agreed the basis of a lighting scheme, we will then either present a lighting design (if requested by the client) or a typed-up quotation with full lighting specification stating where all the lights will go. The quotation will cover everything from the lights, cable, all materials and labour.

If a lighting design is chosen, the client then has the option to have 3D renders and or Lux level plans. The 3D renders allow the client to see what the lighting will look like when we have installed the fittings. It is a very accurate way of visualising the design, especially helpful where the client needs visual reassurance of what they are getting.

The lux level plans take the renders one step further by showing the client how much light is produced and the intensity of the light coming from each fitting. This answers any doubts that the client may have as to whether the lights are too bright or too dim.


To get the lighting design underway, we need to organise a meeting. This is normally carried-out at the client’s property and this consultation is chargeable.

How much a consultation costs depends on where the project is located. The amount charged covers our time to get to and from where you are based and time to compile your proposal back at the office. However, when we meet onsite, there is no time limit and we are there until we have covered everything and you are happy.

The proposal lays out our design service for your project which covers our time for the design and elements within this package, e.g. light specification, 3D renders and or Lux plans.

All designs are bespoke to each client therefore there is not a set price for any project. With the cost for the design there is an allowance for one revision. Each project is treated in the same way in that the quality of service is key.

What now?

We would love to design your lighting project and if you would like to discuss this further please contact us via the website, or email or 020 8925 8639.

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