This system is very specialised and requires planning but the effects are fantastic and apart from looking amazing, there are some excellent benefits.

If you are looking for exterior air conditioning then this is the perfect system. When the misting is turned on, the fine water droplets create a fog-like mist which can bring the air temperature down by 4 degrees by using flash evaporation. This can be a really refreshing way of lowering the outside temperature and because the misting keeps flowing, you will feel cooler long term.

If you want to create your own tropical rain forest then this will not only look the part but will help to retain water within the soil. As with the air conditioning, the temperature is lowered but also the normal evaporation process is interrupted by the mist. This is a great benefit to plants that require damp conditions like ferns etc.

We do not use any chemicals to create the mist and the water is cleaned by using UV filters so it’s very safe to use.

The mist is created by using a high-pressure pump with specialist hoses, bars and nozzles.

If you would like to know more about this system please contact us.