We have been involved in many different event lighting projects and whilst they are short term, the installation is treated as if it were a normal scheme; the last thing you need is for your lighting to go off in the middle of an event.

Whether it is lighting a flag-ship store in the middle of one of London’s most prestigious streets, a private residence to world-famous flower shows, we have a solution.

From simplistic illumination to colour changing light fittings, we can illuminate your event to attract and amaze your guests or visitors.

We make sure that the installation is discrete, safe and of course, stunning.

As each event is unique, we need to plan carefully so that we create the visual spectacle you are looking for.

If you have an event you are looking to illuminate please contact us



First photo by Joanna Kossak, second from last photo Marianne Majerus and last photo by Rebekah Kennington