Gone West is an environmental company whose main objective is to plant trees. Since 2013 they have planted over four million trees however their long term objectives is to create environmental and social benefits around the world by establishing ethical, green, employment and at the same time, restoring natural habitats.


One tree is able, through its life to store 1 tonne of CO2. Their aim is to plant 4 trees per tonne of CO2 knowing that potentially some of those 4 will not survive however if 1 tree lives then this is deemed a success; if more out of the 4 survive then it’s even better than hoped for.

Gone West has a team of 150 planters, with 12 people running the company, all working towards a greener planet.

Moonlight Design wants to play a part in Gone West’s dream and by offsetting our CO2, we will help to plant trees that will one day make our planet, greener and healthier for all.