In 2022 we saw a lot of enquiries for kitchen lighting. The kitchen is the heart of the home for the family and entertainment. The cost of a modern kitchen can be a considerable amount of money so it’s important that the lighting is thoughtfully designed to be able to maximise and enjoy the best room in the house.

On this project we were brought in to design, supply and install.

The client wanted Moonlight Design to create an ‘uncluttered and clean lighting design’ because they were also having bi-fold doors and they wanted to keep the view as clear as possible. On top of this, they like to entertain so the addition of full colour changing lights were a must.

From an early stage we decided not to do the obvious, which is the over used, recessed downlights. There is nothing wrong with these types of lights, however, you need a fair number of these and the ceiling can be peppered with these lights.

We designed a recessed LED strip light system which produces a very even illumination with a flush finish on the ceiling.


To be able to install the LED strip, an aluminium LED profile is recessed into the ceiling then plastered over. This leaves a neat slim aperture where the LED strip is inserted in and then a frosted diffuser is clipped into place. The diffuser softens the light, removes the LED ‘dots of light’ and helps to create a lovely even illuminance.

To create the party feel, all of the LED strips we used was RGBW full colour changing. This was installed on the top of the cupboards and underneath at the bottom, along the edge of the kickboard.

The colour-changing lights are all DMX controlled. We had to take all of the DMX cables back to the control cabinet. The lights had to be connected to DMX power supplies and split into zones. This allows the client to control separate areas separately: have just the ceiling on, the cabinet lights or the under-cabinet lighting for the work surface. Also, this means they can have different colours simultaneously.

With the choice of 16 million colours and endless effects such as a rainbow, sparkle, pastel colours etc the options are vast. We used a controller called ‘Stick’ which has a colour wheel and can have up to 5 zones, plus it can be used as an app on a smartphone.

Apart from general and party lighting, the client wanted some mood lighting. For this, we like to create layers of lighting. This is important otherwise the kitchen can appear flat and not interesting. As part of the mood lighting, we illuminated the kitchen island with decorative pendants. For this, we installed three separate electrical feeds just in case the client wanted to isolate the lights. To light the island, we used three pendant fittings by the Spanish company LEDS C4. These have a lovely brass stem where the glass  screws to. We then installed Philips warm white E14 dimmable LED bulbs. These dim beautifully and produce a lovely warm light.

Finally, we had to find a pendant for the dining area. Remembering that we need to find a fitting that didn’t disrupt the view to the garden, we proposed the Moooi Flock 11 light. This fitting is made from copper and brass but the LEDs are built in-line with the wireframe, producing a very light, open fitting. The LEDs are warm white and can be dimmed. This surprisingly bright fitting creates a lovely illumination over the dining table creating yet another layer of light.

To control the island and dining table fittings we used Light Symphony remote control. This app-based controller has a very simple and user-friendly interface. There is a timer function, 30+ zones and the ability to dim the lights. This allows the client to create a warm romantic light to suit all occasions.

The finished result

The client really loves the design and functionality. They now have a variety of options from preparing and cooking their food to entertaining their family and friends.

The points to take from this project is understanding what the client wants, what they like and then designing the lighting for different types of occasions and of course, the design must work with the installation and be practical.

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